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Lien Law & Bank Management Articles

It's important to know all you can when it comes to your area of business, including how laws and court decisions affect you and your business. At Richard Jones & Associates, we've taken the time to author several articles that can help you navigate the business climate, from a legal perspective, in Chicago, Illinois, and the surrounding communities. We're proud to share our efforts with you and hope they can help you make the best decisions for your company.

Lien Concept


Here, you'll find our work, including articles that cover the death of the mechanics' lien from a Supreme Court case that changes the law as it is used here in Illinois. We've also written on bank management and asset management. Of special interest to banks is an article on how banks should analyze the unique potential risk in OREO properties. These properties are expensive to manage and can be difficult to sell. Commercial properties, single-family homes, and apartments have a wide variety managerial requirements. Learn more by reading our informative articles.